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Should introverted MBAs take online or live classes?

Am emphasis on depth vs. breadth is also a strong suit and online classes allow them to think about the material before responding. When I teach introverted business people on this platform, they openly express their thoughts and questions and respond very favorably to the process.

How Do Introverts View “Twitter Friendly” Speeches?

“It’s taken a while for speakers to get used to that fact that audience members are going to be using their smartphones to tweet their on-stage messages to the outside world. There is still a dwindling minority of presenters who believe that their content is for the exclusive consumption of the people in the room”, says Alan Stevens of in the Media Coach ezine.

How To Manage An Introvert

Chill out. In meetings, conversations, and even casual chats, slow down and give your introverts time to reflect and respond. Put space between your questions—counting “1…2…3” in your head if you have to—and avoid what most introverts perceive as a cross-examination.

Introvert Clapton and his guitar

Clapton grew up an introvert. He spent many hours alone with his guitar dealing with a rough childhood, honing his gift. Later on he battled alcohol and drugs. None of that mattered last night.