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Self-Promotion: How to Create Reach

I am more than delighted to feature this guest post by my friend and colleague, Becky Robinson, author of the terrific new book Reach, Create the Biggest Possible Audience…

Jennifer Kahnweiler doing a book signing after a live presentation at the University of Georgia Innovation lab
Jennifer Kahnweiler doing a book signing at the University of Georgia Innovation lab

Four Tips For Delivering an Actual Live Presentation

It’s been almost 2 years since I gave a live presentation in front of an audience! Last week, I eagerly drove up the road to the University of Georgia…

From left to right, Sandy Heffernan, myself, Sue Recko, John Courtney, and Lloyd Spann.

The Eulogy I Would Have Given

Recently I learned that my favorite boss, Sue Recko, passed away. Her passing caused me to reflect on my transformative experience with her over 20 years ago. In a…

Should introverted MBAs take online or live classes?

Am emphasis on depth vs. breadth is also a strong suit and online classes allow them to think about the material before responding. When I teach introverted business people on this platform, they openly express their thoughts and questions and respond very favorably to the process.