Should introverted MBAs take online or live classes?


I was recently asked a question about whether introverts should take MBA programs in an online format or live. ” What prepares them best for executive roles? “, the reporter asked.

I think both methods of instruction have advantages for introverts. Online MBA programs can work well for introverts. These courses play to the introvert”s strengths of thoughtful reflection, writing and preparation. In well designed online classes introverts can engage in focused dialogues with the professor and other students. An emphasis on depth vs. breadth is also a strong suit and online classes allow them to think about the material before responding. When I teach introverted business people on this platform, they openly express their thoughts and questions and respond very favorably to the process.
Successful introverted leaders also emphasize the tremendous importance of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and continually practicing communication and interpersonal skills. Live classes can stimulate intriguing discussions and help introverts develop comfort in speaking up. Why is this important? When they step into executive roles in the workplace, having a voice in meetings creates their leadership presence. Also, feedback received on their class presentations is invaluable since public speaking has become a non-negotiable competency for business.





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