Q&A with Accel5 about Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Workplace


Accel5, is a microlearning solution company for employees looking to improve critical soft skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, innovation, and many others. They offer best practices from world-class business authors and executives in three formats: videos, summaries of business books, and articles.

I recently sat down with them for a Q&A where they asked for advice on creating an inclusive workplace for introverts and extroverts and strategies for both types of people to succeed.

Q: Your books and videos that appear on Accel5® focus on the management styles of introverts and extroverts. Why is it important to focus on those two aspects of leadership?

One of the hallmarks of a strong leader is self-knowledge. The more we know about our own personality assets and liabilities, the more we can apply them effectively. We are then also able to better understand and flex to the needs of others.

What I have learned from working with both introverts and extroverts is that we all can run into blind spots. For instance, introverts, who have success with careful preparation and deep thought, can also overuse these characteristics and stall out. Extroverts, who bring outgoing energy and expressiveness to a room, can overwhelm others and cut them off if they don’t temper these strengths.

Knowing who we are allows us to take our “temperature” at any point in time and recalibrate our approach based on the situation.

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