Dr. Kahnweiler presented an insightful, eye-opening message to the UWG community at our recent BB&T Lecture in Free Enterprise. Her message to introverts will help students and alumni identify and build on their natural strengths, and her message to extroverts about how to encourage and include ideas from the entire team will build better businesses and better communities!

— Faye McIntyre, Dean, Richards College of Business at University of West Georgia

Jennifer is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was the keynote for our 2018 annual conference. She kept a room of 140+ IT people engaged and actively participating for over 45 minutes helping them understand the power of introverts and extroverts and how leveraging each others strengths make powerful teams. I would highly recommend Jennifer to speak at your event. She was very easy to work with and took active measures to ensure she was prepared for the type of audience she was speaking to.

— Christy Rohmer, Manager Education Services, NYSERNet

Diversity and inclusion is a high priority for our organization. Since many scientists tend to be introverts, we wanted to increase awareness that they can be impactful leaders without changing who they are. That’s why, as co-chairs of Merck’s Global Chemistry Summit, we invited Jennifer Kahnweiler to speak. Jennifer showed us how introverts and extroverts can work better together to increase productivity and innovation. She conducted interviews with select, diverse participants in advance to understand our culture and customize her program. It was great that we started the meeting with her keynote since people were talking about the concepts in small groups throughout the two-day event.  Following her session, we are better equipped to attract and retain the best people for the job.

— Jingjun Yin, Senior Principal Scientist, and Jared Cumming, Director, Merck

I truly enjoyed your class and it has had a significant impact on me, both professionally and personally. An introvert my whole life, I have often felt like I’ve had to conform to an extroverted business (and social) world. You and your class have provided validation that introverts can be strong leaders and have given me permission, so to speak, to focus on and cultivate my introverted leadership style, rather than conforming to the traditionally extroverted “norm.” And for that, I cannot thank you enough.

— Michelle Winterstein, MSHS, Population Health Manager, MedStar Market, Evolent Health

Jennifer is an awesome partner when it comes to creating an engaging, well-informed, and practical learning experience on any number of topics. We’ve leveraged Jennifer twice, both times in the areas of leadership and introversion, and each time her adaptable and effective style led to an engaged audience who felt they had actionable and practical tips for enhancing their leadership effectiveness. She’s dynamic, easy-to-work with, and superbly knowledgeable.

— Casey Wilson, Managing Director, Learning and Development at Evolent Health

Jennifer is an exceptional keynote speaker and her expertise on working relationships between introverts and extroverts is on point! Her presentation style is very engaging and interactive. The scenarios and suggestions she provided were thought-provoking, practical, and well-received by our staff. We loved her! If you are looking for leadership and guidance to improve staff engagement and develop strong team-building skills, Jennifer would be a great choice for a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Five stars for Jennifer!

— Semora Johns Smith, Program Manager, American Chemical Society

Jennifer was a keynote speaker for our organization and received high marks from our staff. In fact, she was rated in our top five presenters since the inception of our program in 2013. In her presentation, she shared practical tips about introverts working with extroverts (and vice-versa) to produce extraordinary results. Our staff appreciated her tips and stories, and really related to her messages. I would highly recommend Jennifer.

— Judith Jankowski, Assistant Director, Innovation & Collaboration, American Chemical Society

Jennifer presented to our audience of 450 executives, and it was a smash hit. I heard many favorable comments from attendees, and she was swarmed afterwards with questions, comments, and eager book buyers. Next time she will bring more books because they sold out!

— David Sjolander, Chief Operating Officer, Hotel Technology Next Generation