More wise words from Warren Buffett


When I point to well known introverted leaders, Warren Buffett is at the top of my list. One of the richest men in the world seems the most grounded to me. I love his practical approach to life. I laugh at his jokes. The successful introverted leaders I know make a point of nurturing this human side and WB is the best.
In this interview, Buffet shares a lesson he learned from his father about the power of giving unconditional love. His dad didn’t preach but did it by example. ” To know you always can come back. If you offer that to your child you are 90% of the way home…..” Listen to his delightful conversation here: Warren Buffett Interview
One more note: He said that Tom Murphy gave him the best advice  “You can tell a guy to go to hell tomorrow…… So keep your mouth shut.”  Wise words.


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