Introverted Execs Speaking Out


I was so pleased to read this HBR piece called Are You An Introverted Boss? by Campbell Soup Company CEO, Douglas Conant. I wanted to share my comments on the piece with you here:
“Thank you Mr.Conant, for paving the way. When I began my research on introverted leaders 4 years ago many people suggested that I would never get business leaders to talk with me, let alone buy a book about the topic. They were wrong. I found that when introverted pros were asked about their “secret.” they were more than willing to discuss the hard realities they face and the success strategies they adopt.

The taboo about being a quieter leader in a Type A world remains, though. In fact, a reporter for a national news outlet recently shared that she had trouble finding introverted execs who would “go on the record”. Your courage to share how you embrace who you are and also manage your introversion takes us leaps forward. Getting the best out of both the “innies” and “outies” on our teams will lead to positive results for ourselves, our organizations and each other. Kudos to you.”


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