Social Media Tip: Shine The Spotlight On Others

spotlight3 (1)One of the six strengths of Quiet Influencers is the thoughtful use of social media. I have been particularly struck with how generous many of them are in giving away their content and ideas.

One great example of this is found with my friend Jesse Stoner. She is co-author with Ken Blanchard of Full Steam Ahead and writes a popular leadership blog. Jesse also has 25,000 Twitter followers. She has brilliant ideas about how to create a vision for yourself, your organization and your team. But she doesn’t rely exclusively on her own intellectual property. Jesse wisely weaves in the lessons of others to deepen her own thinking and make us challenge our own. For instance, recently she ran a series of terrific guest posts from top leadership thinkers like Doug Conant, Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner and Shilpa Jain. The  comments were equally as intriguing as the blog posts and are still creating buzz in the leadership development community.

So what are some other ways to shine the spotlight on others? 

Alan Stevens, a speaking colleague and media coach shared his top ten list of how to “give away your love” in his recent ezine. This list exemplifies the altruism that I am seeing emerge  in social media.  Here is Alan’s top ten:


Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love (that’s what the Greek root of its name means literally). The “LOVE” logo is all over the city, and seen on many souvenirs. Rather than promoting your products and services on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, why not try giving a little love to build online relationships? Here are ten ways.

  1. Retweet messages that you find valuable or inspiring
  2. Post links to useful blog posts
  3. Comment on blogs that you’ve enjoyed
  4. Offer to place articles from guest bloggers on your blog
  5. Respond to YouTube videos with your own video message
  6. Quote the wisdom of experts in your field
  7. Interview experts via audio or video
  8. Use the #FF (Follow Friday) tag on Twitter to recommend people to follow
  9. Give +Ks in Klout to experts
  10. Curate information from experts via

Of course, the more love you give online, the more you will receive.

“This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in “The MediaCoach”, his free weekly ezine, available at”



4 thoughts on “Social Media Tip: Shine The Spotlight On Others

  1. Jesse Stoner

    Hi Jennifer, I’m honored by your kind description of my approach to social media and that you used it as an example. I must say that my favorite part of blogging is in the conversation that occurs in the comments. It gives me an opportunity to further explain my thinking and often deepens my own understanding.
    Your message around social media is spot on. If you approach it as vehicle for conversation instead of broadcasting your message, you are more likely to be heard and will enjoy it. I follow many of the suggestions on your list. You get to the heart of what makes social media work. An excellent article!

    1. Jennifer Kahnweiler Post author

      Jesse -I remember when you first started on the social media journey. You created an excellent blog that has made a true difference for so many. You are an exemplary example of a quiet influencer. Thank you!

  2. Alan Stevens

    Jennifer, Thanks for sharing some of my thoughts. I’m honoured. I concur with Jesse, and also loved her thoughts on the issue. Your blog is definitely one I will recommend, and Jesse’s too!

    1. Jennifer Kahnweiler Post author

      Thanks Alan. Content rules and you are the king. I appreciate the endorsement and the reminder to share our learnings with others.


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