To Tweet or Not To Tweet


My early adopter friends have been using Twitter for a while and I know I will be moving into the fray soon. Have started to hear about some valuable connections, job opportunities and “inside scoops” on companies.

Do you think extroverts and introverts differ in how(and even if) they are twittering? Extroverts tend to like to share details of their life(ex. waiting on the carpool line at school, etc. ) and like to connect with LOTS of people. With their more private nature and their preference for writing, are  introverts a) twittering and b)sharing different kinds of (less personal information to fewer, more select contacts).  Your thoughts?

I love the analogy to the wild west with this whole social networking phenom…Some people ventured out west and never made it..others did the same and ended up owning half of Colorado. We are all pioneers in this new age and it is both exciting and frustrating for extroverts and introverts alike.


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