Tips for Introverts In Meetings


“The introverts loved it but the extroverts were frustrated. They wanted to talk out their ideas but I think we got so many more creative suggestions by using this method, ” said Katrina, a participant at my Wyoming Library Conference program this past week. She was referring to the brain writing technique I wrote about in The Introverted Leader.

Put a problem on a piece of paper and pass it around. Each person adds their solutions and builds on ones that have been written down. And there is no verbal exchange. Katrina has used the method twice in her staff meetings. She noticed that better and richer ideas emerged from  giving everyone time to think and reflect.

In my guest post on The Axelrod Blog , Tips for Introverts in Meetings  I mentioned brain writing and 4 other introvert-friendly meeting approaches.  Dick and Emily Axelrod, authors of that blog are also great new book Let’s Stop Meeting Like This.

Here is an excerpt:

Have you ever been told by your boss that you need to speak up more at meetings? Have you been frustrated that a few people seem to dominate every conference call?

If you are an introvert, meetings are places where you can influence change AND be recognized for your value. I have learned a great deal from research for my books The Introverted Leader and Quiet Influence about how to make the most out of the meetings you lead and attend.

So what do successful introverted leaders recommend? Consider these 5 meeting tips for introverts (I’s) that extroverts (E’s) can learn from as well.

  1. Get hold of the agenda. Take prep time to think about your comments and questions beforehand. This caters to your introverted sweet spot of preparation and allows you to confidently present your thoughts. No agenda? Offer to create one and your teammates will be grateful that someone is taking the organizational reins.  

Read the 4 other tips here and let me know if you have others. Thanks!


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