Are Introverts Mad As Hell?


I am often asked why we are hearing so much about introverts. “They are everywhere”, someone told me recently. No, they have always been everywhere but now you are noticing their existence.

I stopped into to talk with Dave Summers who, among his other digital duties runs the Edgewise podcast at The American Management Association  near Times Square in New York City. Dave always keeps me on my toes with his provocative questions. This time he asked me about this new spotlight on introverts.  Dave said he sees introverts “stepping up and being who they are, whether it’s a book or show or a business network.  What do you attribute this new discovery to?” he asked.  Is it just that the introverts are mad as hell, and they’re just not gonna take it anymore???” 

Here is what I said in response to his question:

” I call it the “rise of the introverts”.  Part of it is the influence of the new wave of leadership where people are not command and control anymore. There’s more research coming out that says that people who are more humble, quiet and calm tend to get more results without a lot of noise, with those loud rattling of the sabers.” I shared some other factors as well.  “You know global organizations now require us to flex in many different ways and not just have one way of leading, particularly in areas like Asia where an extroverted leader doesn’t always get it done. ” 

Listen to the entire podcast here.

Why do you think there is more attention to introverts now? Why are we experiencing the “Rise of the Introverts.”?

Quiet Influence Podcast with the American Management Association

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