The Jobs Report – Implications for Introverts


The numbers are still pretty dismal in today’s new jobs report. Now, more than ever, introverted pros must be heard against the blare of the economic downturn. I believe that this background also creates an opportunity for quieter folks to step up and leverage their excellent propensity for listening, asking the right questions and thinking before speaking.

Especially today, when mistakes can be very costly, calm reflection can be an asset. It is just important that those words and well thought out notes see the light of day, or else no one will know about their value. Being out of sight is often being out of mind, so visibility and a little showmanship can go a long way when workers are being assessed.

The full report:

  1. The unemployment rate is at a 26-year high of 9.5 percent.
  2. The economy has lost 6.5 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007.
  3. A total of 14.7 million people are currently unemployed.
  4. Economists predict the jobless rate will hit 10 percent this year and keep rising into 2010.
  5. Economists also predict that the unemployment rate won’t return to normal  l — 5 percent — until 2013.


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