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I am very happy that so many people found this session meaningful!  Jennifer Kahnweiler was very engaging and provided expert advice on how to create a business environment where introverts can thrive.  Thank you Jenn!!

David Becker, Manager Sales Training and Development, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals 

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. is a dynamic and flexible virtual speaker with significant knowledge on the subject of introversion. We had an AMAZING and engaged turnout—232 participants from around the world at our virtual session on the Introverted Leader. Jennifer has a keen ability to create a relaxed and trusting learning dynamic and participants openly shared their challenges and suggestions. Her session was called “the best training session we have ever had” and she was described as a “fantastic speaker!!”

Melpo Levantis & Brent Samuels
Research Scientist, and Brent Samuels, R & E Senior Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Jennifer is an amazing global leadership speaker, a true “champion for introverts”, combining vast scientific knowledge with personal stories and experiences that help dive into the world of introverts. She understands how to create a workplace where introverts can shine (and certainly extroverts, too!). In addition, she is a wonderful person to work with, full of passion, energy, agility, and inspiration. Jennifer provided an outstanding 1.5-hour webcast on “The introverted leader” to our global senior leadership today. My inbox is full of “wows!” Jennifer managed to win people’s attention from Minute 1. If your company is truly cultivating diversity and inclusion like we do at Allnex, make sure to connect with Jennifer. You will be thrilled!

Anne-Katrin Bauss
Senior Director Global Talent & Change Management, Allnex

If you are looking for a great leadership speaker who combines wisdom, expertise, and a flair for engaging virtual participants, look no further than Jennifer Kahnweiler. I had the pleasure of hosting a virtual meeting with more than 80 senior executives and Jennifer was our keynote speaker. While we enjoyed her presentation, we also walked away with practical insights into harnessing the power of introverts in our organisations. I happily give Jennifer my endorsement.

Jim Boyle
Owner and Advisor, Growth Accelerator, Forctis Executive Consulting, LLC

It was a truly interesting, insightful, and inspiring lecture we received from you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me reflect on several themes. I am very happy so many colleagues could benefit from your insights.

Miguel Mantas
CEO, Allnex
I moderated a webinar for Berrett-Koehler at which Jennifer presented. Not only was she fun to work with, she delivered a presentation that knocked it out of the park! We received clear, practical tips on how to market our book. Jennifer’s stories and dynamism set the right tone and added a ton of value!
Lisa Fain
Mentoring Expert, Speaker and Coach

Jennifer was the keynote speaker for one of the corporate lunch and learns at our company. In addition to the live audience, the event was live-streamed to our remote locations. Jennifer did an amazing job engaging the people in the room and recognizing the remote participants. Her talk was engaging, generating lots of audience participation during the event and lots of conversation on the topic of Introverted Leadership after the event. Jennifer also provided follow up materials to share with our employees to keep the conversation going. She was funny, provided interesting facts and appealed to both the introverts and the extroverts.

Sierra Nash
CPA, Manager of Accounting Research at Southern Power

We had the pleasure of hosting Jennifer at an “Unplugged Session” that our organization sponsored for our employees. The engagement across the team in response to her book “The Introverted Leader” was amazing! Jennifer has a unique way of connecting with people and promotes an open level of discussion. This approach led to strong, open dialogue across our organization during her session. I believe that this topic will now be more broadly discussed among our employees which is important as we continue to scale our business. Thank you Jennifer for being a strong “introvert” advocate!

Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor
MBA, Vice President, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Operational Excellence at Outset Medical

Our March 2019 Columbus Ohio HRACO luncheon was where I had the chance to meet Jennifer and hear her speak. I was blown away by her ability to communicate with the audience and her poise and personality that electrified the overall presentation, “The Introverted Leader”. Throughout her speech she engaged with all levels of Extroverts, Introverts, and everyone in between with integrity and whole hearted dedication to the cause: learn about and embrace the inner you, then do the same for those around you. What a gift! I feel truly blessed to come across this amazing lady and will certainly stay in touch and look for more of Jennifer.

Peggy Wells
Manager, IT Delivery, maven, IT Staffing and Consulting Company