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Thank you so much for your time with us yesterday where you were able to share your insights, knowledge and wisdom around being and working with introverted leaders.

People appreciated and were encouraged by how your session recognized and promoted the value of introverted traits. We also observed that there was strong engagement from a different group of people than would normally comment in large group sessions like this, which we were happy to see.

Chris Grinton
Senior Director, Customer Experience, Revenera

Jennifer is an amazing speaker and her series of books are increasingly important in helping organizations understand how to engage and get the most from their introverted workforce. Jennifer’s latest book, “Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces” provides realistic and achievable considerations to increase introvert inclusion. A must read for organizations seeking to maximize ideas across their entire workforce.

Rich Jacques
Vice President at Noblis

Jennifer did an OUSTANDING job presenting “The Introverted Leader” for us at Dakota County Technical College in a virtual format. We had 350 attendees and have received overwhelming positive feedback from those who attended. Jennifer presented with authenticity, energy, and enthusiasm, while keeping the audience engaged the entire time. When we asked attendees what could have been improved about the event, they said “Make it longer!” Thanks to Jennifer’s stellar Preparation, Presence, Push, and years of Practice, our event with her exceeded all expectations! Thank you, Jennifer!

Anna Voight
Associate Director of Student Life at Dakota County Technical College

We hosted Jennifer Kahnweiler today on our monthly Leadership Academy webinar for almost 200 leaders at NAES. Her discussion on the challenges of tapping into our introverts in the workplace was fantastic and really kept the group engaged, with lots of questions and follow-ups. Clearly this topic struck a chord with our team, and we look forward to engaging our introverts’ superpowers in the weeks to come. Thanks Jennifer!

Rob Simmerman
Sr Operations Director at NAES Corporation

Not only is Jennifer well-researched in her field of expertise on introversion, she is able to speak to it in a way that brings energy, relevance, and – dare I say – fun to the topic. I had the pleasure of facilitating a conversation on the insights Jennifer gained writing her newest book – Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces – and the impact of the global pandemic on the work experience of introverts as part of the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s monthly author series. Many of the Hudson coaches on the talk mentioned they found the session valuable. Thanks, Jennifer!

Michael Welsh Coaching
Manager & Leadership Effectiveness // Organizational Development // Learning & Development

Few people in the world are as equipped to comment on what is currently preoccupying introverts – and she is more than happy to puncture a few myths about what the pandemic has meant for them.

Matt Packer
Freelance Writer and Editor

I am very happy that so many people found this session meaningful!  Jennifer Kahnweiler was very engaging and provided expert advice on how to create a business environment where introverts can thrive.  Thank you Jenn!!

David Becker
Manager Sales Training and Development, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals 

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. is a dynamic and flexible virtual speaker with significant knowledge on the subject of introversion. We had an AMAZING and engaged turnout—232 participants from around the world at our virtual session on the Introverted Leader. Jennifer has a keen ability to create a relaxed and trusting learning dynamic and participants openly shared their challenges and suggestions. Her session was called “the best training session we have ever had” and she was described as a “fantastic speaker!!”

Brent Samuels and Melpo Levantis
R & E Senior Manager and Research Scientist, Kimberly-Clark

Jennifer is an amazing global leadership speaker, a true “champion for introverts”, combining vast scientific knowledge with personal stories and experiences that help dive into the world of introverts. She understands how to create a workplace where introverts can shine (and certainly extroverts, too!). In addition, she is a wonderful person to work with, full of passion, energy, agility, and inspiration. Jennifer provided an outstanding 1.5-hour webcast on “The introverted leader” to our global senior leadership today. My inbox is full of “wows!” Jennifer managed to win people’s attention from Minute 1. If your company is truly cultivating diversity and inclusion like we do at Allnex, make sure to connect with Jennifer. You will be thrilled!

Anne-Katrin Bauss
Senior Director Global Talent & Change Management, Allnex