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Introvert Bias During a Hot Political time

The image of introverts in politics is still so off base. Take views of Obama for example. He is a known introvert. His lower key temperament, passion for privacy, preference for focused conversation and considered comments all support this personality preference.

“Cool Coming Off As Cold” – Coaching Obama

I have been discussing the idea of the Perception Gap for a while now. Introverts often are misunderstood and considered aloof or disengaged when they don’t exude warmth. Newsweek’s writer, Jacob Weisberg, had an interesting take on President Obama’s temperament in the piece, Cool Coming Off As Cold and how this perception is becoming an issue for our President.

Obama Watch Continued

I like collecting the clues about our President’s temperament.  So I am relying on reporters like Holly Bailey of Newsweek. Is he or isn’t he(an introvert)? Bailey writes in the 5/4/09 issue http://www.newsweek.com/id/195086/page/2 of…

Is the president an introvert?

President Obama an introvert? Note what he tells Ed Henry of CNN at his recent press conference. ” I like to know what I am talking about before I…