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Being present with a lively pastor

This past week I had the opportunity to interview with a dynamic pastor and church leadership expert named Tony Morgan about The Introverted Leader , I think Tony found me on Twitter (it is hard to remember with so many social networking tools).

Unlike many interviews, where there is some prep, Tony and I winged it. I think it made the conversation more natural and lively. At one point, I referenced holding a drink at a social function and quickly changed the word “drink” to “gingerale”. Tony chided me and said, “Oh, you think  just because I am a pastor, I just drink gingerale.”  I want to be “politically correct,” was my retort. I think we included humor and quite  bit of content in the 14 minute conversation.

It is not truly accurate to say that we did not prepare. Each of us has developed expertise in our respective areas. We just didn’t memorize lines for this one. I believe that being present allowed both of us to  flow with the  conversation.

Check out An Introvert Interviews an Extrovert On Introverted Leaders and let me know if you agree.

Look Back and Learn

I ran  a leadership  program with a group of Public Affairs pros today.  One introverted leader shared  how his team had learned from a recent situation. Because they didn’t include an important stakeholder in the beginning, when it came time to sign off on the project, she had multiple questions. They had to scramble in crisis mode to respond because of this omission.

Lesson learned? He said they will look at who needs to be looped in earlier. Looking back and course correcting will be the key to their future success. He said that he is learning to be a better “observer” of the process. Observing and analyzing are natural strengths of the introvert btw.

I also talked with one participant about ending meetings with a plus – delta round robin. What worked and what do we need to improve? As a team lead, act on those changes when you can and you are bound to improve meeting effectiveness.

What are you doing to look back and learn?