Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces:
How to Unleash Everyone’s Talent and Performance

Master Class

What must you do to become an introvert-friendly workplace?

As the diversity, equity, and inclusion wave widens and deepens its reach, introversion is becoming a natural part of that movement. Despite the fact that half the population identify as introverts, traditional workplace cultures are still geared toward rewarding extroverts, ultimately limiting their collective potential. Using stories and pioneering research, this presentation offers a practical road map for organizations to create inclusive cultures that unlock the power of introverts and their allies. This presentation is for leaders at all levels in any organization seeking to make positive changes toward increased inclusion – and drive results.

This presentation can be delivered virtually as well as on site. The virtual delivery of this program allows us to reach a larger and more global audience throughout your organization. We bring in senior leaders from your organization who can share their views of the culture. The focus is on delivering relevant content with variety and connection. We use the chat function, which allows vibrant conversation and engagement on the topic. Using polls and bringing voices into the virtual room also lead to high engagement and high marks from attendees.


How can your organization become one that is introvert-friendly? This groundbreaking keynote, based on new research focuses on sharing this latest research and best practices to help you get there. Learn how to start conversations about introvert awareness and inclusion. Help teams and senior leadership become powerful agents of change. Learn action steps and examples of introvert-friendly pockets of inclusion.

The Introverted Leader
You Will Learn:
  • How to handle introvert bias
  • Benefits of remote work
  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • A five-step process to create change, such as how to involve senior leadership in the conversation
Create an Introvert-Friendly Workplace diagram

Master Class

In this Master Class for leaders, we will be doing a deeper dive on concepts around introversion and extroversion, particularly regarding how to best leverage your strengths. The learning methods will include short presentations, focused discussions in breakout groups, individual exercises, and demonstrations.


  • Understand how to best leverage introvert and extrovert strengths.
  • Learn and apply the key success strategies of the 4 P’s Model.
  • How to flex your leadership style to introverts and extroverts.
  • Learn how to implement a variety of introvert-friendly and inclusive practices in your organization’s culture.
  • Create an action plan that enhances your leadership development.

Leadership: Strengths of Introverts and Extroverts

We will cover how to apply the 4 P’s Leadership model (Prepare, Presence, Push, Practice) taken from research on successful introverted leaders. The lessons learned from unlocking introverted talent in workplaces can be applied to other non-dominant groups as well.

We will discuss how to use the results of the Introverted Leader Quiz. You will learn how you can ramp up your performance (ex. delegation, customer support, presentation skills, networking) by using the 4 P’s approach.

Making Your Culture More Introvert-Friendly and Inclusive

We will explore how to make your culture more introvert-friendly and inclusive and will support each other in creating leadership actions that can build on your other leadership development efforts.

Create an Inclusive Workplace

We will address the 7 areas to focus on when changing your team and workplace culture, including hiring, team meetings, and workplace settings. We will also apply a model of change that assumes everyone can be a change agent in the organization. The roles of allies and advocates will be addressed.

Learning Into Action

An action plan will be created that is customized for your particular challenges.

Jennifer was a keynote speaker for our organization and received high marks from our staff. In fact, she was rated in our top five presenters since the inception of our program in 2013. In her presentation, she shared practical tips about introverts working with extroverts (and vice-versa) to produce extraordinary results. Our staff appreciated her tips and stories, and really related to her messages. I would highly recommend Jennifer.

Judith Jankowski
Senior Communication and Change Manager at AstraZeneca

Introvert-Friendly Workplaces Quiz

How introvert-friendly is your workplace?


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