So Why Does Quiet Time Matter?


Most of us know that it is important to take time to refresh and recharge. But really… what are the tangible benefits of doing this?

In this guest post I wrote for  Mary Jo Asmus‘ popular blog Leadership Solutions I addressed five ways in which quiet influencers take quiet time to make a difference. As I am out talking about introverts in the workplace, I continue to gather diverse examples of how the six strengths work to make introverts great natural influencers. For instance, on a recent flight to Florida, I sat next to “Doc” Emrick, the respected NBC play-by-play announcer for NHL Hockey.

“Doc” gave me a taste of how hockey players use solitude to strategize their moves. “Hockey fans are familiar with the pre-game locker room shot. You typically see the goalie sitting alone, deep within himself. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each player and visualizes multiple potential encounters with the opposing team, taking this quiet time to literally play out the game in his mind.”, he said.

In a similar fashion, quiet influencers use breaks to shape positive outcomes by imagining a successful upcoming sales pitch or coaching discussion….Continue reading here

What benefits do YOU  gain from taking quiet time?


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