Remembering an HR Quiet Influencer


One of the things we want to do in this blog is to capture your stories; of those introverted leaders and quiet influencers who have made a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Starting off….A sad but sweet remembrance of a dear friend.

My friend and colleague Jeannie Coyle and co-author of Make Talent Your Business  recently lost a dear friend named Bill Maki. She wrote:

“One of my dearest friends and colleagues, Bill Maki, just died. We worked together and served on the board and executive committee of HRPS for over 35 years. He was definitely a powerful and much loved introverted leader. HRPS has had its share of charisma and outsized egos but Bill’s quiet influence was profound.

In my grief I have been savoring all the wonderful Bill accolades.

The Human Resource Planning Society has been central to my life and Bill was central to HRPS. All great organizations need lots of Head (intelligence), Heart and Guts. Bill showed a super abundance of heart;through his generous openness to help others and his deep caring for the people and the organization. The hole his passing left in my own heart will remind me of him forever.”

Jeannie cover

Jeannie also shared this from Dave Ulrich, a well known HR legend.

“….Bill’s legacy will be the quiet and dignified impact on the profession and on each of us. We are all personally and professionally better off because of him as a person, even more than because of his works as an HR professional.”

I think Jeannie and Daves’ tributes sum up the impact a life can have when it is about making a quiet difference. I thank them both for sharing their thoughts.


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