Reality T.V.- Korea comes calling


Bluentree Productions produces shows for Korea’s largest educational broadcasting network (EBC). They cover topics like this one on Personality (Death and Imagination were the subjects of other recent documentaries. ). The producer wants to show people in Korea that quieter types can be successful.

After lots of emails, and several stops and starts, they arrived at my home office  to film me on Saturday.  I was asked all about what  strengths introverts have, why some leaders are considered introverts and what managers can do to bring out introverts.

Laurie Nichols, non-profit consultant extroadinare, participated in an exec coaching session with me as the film crew documented our dialogue. We had a few “lost in translation” moments, but for the most part, Jinwoo, our interpretor and asst. producer did great. Even introvert husband Bill got into the act as the crew wanted to see how I’s and E’s live together. They also interviewed Kim Bui, Exec Producer at CNN, who has such respect as a calm, level headed manager in the company.

I love the universality of the introverted leadership theme. Language is no barrier when we strive to deepen our understanding of temperaments.


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