Thank you Pico Iyer


I was scanning through the video choices on my recent plane ride to Seattle.
This TED talk by Pico Iyer
about a new way to look at home is my favorite ever. It blew me away and I actually watched it three times so I could absorb his profound messages.  Mr. Iyer captured so much of what I feel when I travel to foreign countries. Here are a few:

“The beauty of being a foreigner is it slaps you around. Travel is like being in love..all your senses are marked on.”

“Movement only has meaning if you have a home to go back to.”

“Where you come from now is less important than where you are going.”

He also emphasizes the importance of stillness, of being quiet and presence. Iyer’s quotes below reinforce the introvert strength of taking quiet time.

“Movement is only as good as the stillness you put into it.”

“Silence wasn’t an absence of noise but a quickening of energy.”

“It is only by stopping movement that you can see where to go.”

Here is a bit more about this man who shows us the beauty of stopping to consider where we are. Thank you for your eloquence and for sharing it with us.



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