Quiet Women are Leaning In


Women are leaning in and making their voices heard. My heart has been full this past week after reading the comments written in response to Quietly Leaning In: An Introvert’s Guide To Leadership.  Readers are validating these challenges and adding wonderful practical tips for navigating Type A worlds. Here is a great example from Elisa Hudson, Territory HR Manager at Kohl’s Department Stores.

“I am very much an introvert and over the years I have worked hard to build on the skills that are necessary to succeed in a dominantly extroverted workplace. The advice given is great and I am going to add a few others that have been helpful for me. 1.) Lean into the fact you are an introvert and understand that you need to prepare longer for meetings, presentations, and simple networking events. 2.) Always ask for an agenda before a meeting so you know up front what topics will be discussed and bullet point out what you can contribute to the conversation before stepping into the meeting. 3.) Use visualization techniques prior to events that cause you anxiety. See yourself doing everything right including the detail of how you hold yourself, how you talk, what you may say, etc. When I have done this my mind was prepared for the moment which made all the difference. Lastly, I suggest you read the following article from The Atlantic,  this article alone made a difference for me and to those fellow introverts I have shared it with over the years it has made a significant difference to them as well.”

Thank you Elisa and all the women who took time to share your wisdom.




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