The Introverted Networker’s “Ace In the Hole”


I love when I speak with colleagues who walk their talk. I met my new friend and colleague, British networking expert Andy Lopata at (where else?)….a networking event!:) Back in December at the Global Speakers Summit’s opening reception we grabbed a few quiet minutes to gab about how introverts can effectively navigate these types of meet and greets. Andy is a business networking guru with a giving mindset. He gave me the stage and didn’t make the discussion about him (one of the first rules of effective networking).

Take a look at our short dialogue here. 

He is simply passionate about the benefits of networking and shares many tools though his website and  speaking, training and coaching programs.

An amusing aside:

Andy shares a bit of his personality on his website as well: “I was a typical moody teenager listening to The Doors, Hendrix, Lou Reed and Bowie while at Uni. I hasten to add, they had all long disappeared from the scene by then.” Well Andy, they were live when I Iistened to them in my university, or uni as you call it. I look forward to our next networking conversation where we can compare notes about these greats!:) 



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