Next Gen Spokesperson Connects to Quiet Influence


Ryan Jenkins is a savvy 20 something who is a spokesperson for his generation. In fact he is known as a “next generation catalyst and his Tweets and postings always keep me in the know. For instance, I learned the term “side hustle” from Ryan, having a variety of fulfilling gigs outside of your normal job.

He is thoughtful and values his quiet time, as you will read about in his well written blog entry connecting Quiet Influence to the Next Gen.

Here were a few points he pulled from Quiet Influence that are relevant for his “peeps.” Read his other terrific insights here and visit his site to sign up for updates. So worth it!

An excerpt from his post, The Rise of The Introverts
3 Top Points I Learned:
“Communal Solitude (aka coffee shops): the energy of other people, the forced focus, and the choice of whether to engage in the action heighten the experience of quiet time.”
“Too much quiet time can negatively impact your ability to influence others.” I’m guilty by getting paralysis by analysis.
“Look back but don’t stare.” When reflecting or thinking and your thoughts begin to recycle then it’s time to break the cycle and act.


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