New Perspective on the Yahoo Move


Since my initial post on this there has been a firestorm of opinion on Mayer’s move to bring people back to the workplace. Women, men and introverted leaders have responded with a thumbs down.

Consultant and Co-Author of Authentic Conversations, Maren Showkeir, responded to the Yahoo move to bring employees back to the office in a thoughtful piece today in the Arizona Republic. Her points about this being an example of “command and control leadership” are strong ones as are her suggestions for involving employees in decisions to improve the company’s performance.

“The attraction to making unilateral decisions at the top is strong, based on decades of corporate command-and-control culture. But in the modern workplace, that sort of strategy has outlived its usefulness. No matter how brilliant, competent and driven the 37-year-old Mayer is, it’s impossible for her alone to make Yahoo successful. Mayer and other corporate CEOs would do well to recognize the invaluable asset of their organizations’ collective wisdom and employ methods to tap it.”

What do you think about this?




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