Introvert’s Networking Success Tip: Get To Know Me


You go to networking events to connect for business, right? Wrong! If you build relationships first, the business will come. Show an interest in who the other person is and share some of yourself.

Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford (and introvert, I might add) of Create Your Career Path attended a recent workshop I gave on the Introvert’s Career Path to Success. In it we discussed the “giving and getting agenda.”  One of my favorite non-fluff networking books, Making Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2007) by Lynne Waymon and Anne Baber  describes this concept beautifully.

Check out Hallie’s views on this topic in her  brief video, Stop Talking Business at Networking Events. She also summarized her thoughts on her  blog (which is full of  practical tips).

We  had coffee after the program to learn more about each other.  Hallie is living her career dream and guiding others do the same. She showed a true interest in learning more about my speaking, coaching and writing on IL’s(Introverted Leaders).  The cool thing? We already are supporting each other in our respective businesses.  Building relationships first is truly the key – I love when this stuff works!


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