Networking for Introverts


What an engaging dialogue I had recently with two well known networkers – Andy Lopata and Ivan Misner, Ph.D. Andy and Ivan are global gurus in the area of how to network like pros and write and speak extensively on networking.

A brief write up of the show follows with a recording of the Google Hangout video.

“Increasing numbers of people recognise the important role networking plays in building businesses or growing a career. Yet introverts often feel at a disadvantage. Uncomfortable with attending big events, putting themselves at the centre of everyone’s attention or standing out from the crowd, many introverts prefer to get on with their job and expect to get noticed.

Does it need to be this way? Do introverts need to network and if so, how can they do so comfortably?

Ivan and Andy are joined by the Champion of Introverts, Jennifer B Kahnweiler Ph.D. CSP author of Quiet Influence, The Introverted Leader and the upcoming, The Genius of Opposites (Aug. 2015) to explore these and other questions about how introverts can network with confidence.”

See if you agree with our points about networking for introverts.


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