Lessons About Courage From A Former High Diver


I am so pleased at the reaction to my latest newsletter on courage. Author and consultant Bill Treasurer, the courage expert, shares so much wisdom about how we need to lean into courage every single day. He has a new dynamic training program that is getting rave reviews. I love his examples of companies like Dove and Domino’s Pizza and how their risks paid off.

Of course, I asked Bill about our fave topic: introverted leaders. Here is some of what he shared,

“……one of the main types of courage I talk about is called “TELL Courage” – the courage of “voice” and assertiveness. This is the courage of the truth-teller, and it’s very difficult to exhibit, particularly at lower levels in an organization. For the introverted leader, TELL Courage does not necessarily have to be done verbally. Sometimes it is best to talk less and express more. Writing a POV article for the company newsletter, for example, where the leader takes a bold stand, can be an expression of TELL Courage.”

I am relating this to the 3rd P in the 4 P’s model,  PUSH. Leaders who stretch and grow are showing courage. What are you doing to show some courage today?


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