Introverts Rule (Quietly)


So many of my colleagues are quiet influencers. Julie Winkle Guilioni co-author with Beverly Kaye of  the powerfully packed book Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go  is a quiet influencer who understands how to motivate introverted employees. This great book teaches us how to have the important conversations that keep people engaged in their work and careers.

I was moved by Julie’s own account of her introversion in her recent blog entry, Introverts Rule (Quietly). Here’s an excerpt: ” For most of my professional life, I’ve admired and envied the extroverted leaders around me.  Ahhhh, to demonstrate such confidence, energy, and power. For decades, I believed that at some point – after a lot or professional experience, after having my own business, after working with executives and Fortune 100 companies, after writing a book – I would graduate to that status and express myself in a similar fashion.”

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