Introverted Thought Collaborators

What a stimulating talk I had recently with thought leader gurus Mitchell Levy and Michael Procopio!

They have a unique angle to thought leadership. “M and M” showcase a person each week who has a unique point of view. But instead of having them go on about their subject matter they conduct an informal and free ranging conversation focused on how to become and remain a thought leader.

One of the ideas we discussed was what I call “

Thought Collaboration.” For me, being ahead of the curve involves connecting and communicating with other people. I use Twitter as my preferred social media platform. When there I am exposed to articles from publications I wouldn’t normally read. I follow people in the arts, in science and politics and also learn from my speaking audiences.

And then I share and retweet other people’s ideas. Besides learning and growing myself, I have found my Twitter followers to have increased substantially when I do this.

I have also learned from introverted quiet influencers that spreading ideas is a critical part of the thought collaboration equation. We share new findings, challenge each other’s ideas and we all become better informed and knowledgeable.

M and M and I discussed how introverted thought leaders and collaborators can use social media to reach a wider audience. A thoughtful use of social media helps you to move people to action, develop and grow a wider audience, achieve visibility and teach and learn.

So what can you do to become a Thought Collaborator today? Start by listening and watching the slew of great interviews the thought leader guys have already posted.

Thought Leader Life shows here.

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