Introverted leaders share their wisdom


Many of you know that my latest book, The Introverted Leader, 2nd edition launched earlier this month. Writing the book gave me a chance to explore new insights about introverted leaders. Readers and audiences really were the ones who contributed the new content. Marketing the book has also been a cool journey. I have spoken to interviewers I admire and written for publications I truly respect.

Here are a few of those interviews you might enjoy. Check these out and consider subscribing to those that resonate with you.

  • Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution – book excerpt from the Leading and Participating in Meetings chapter
  • Berrett-Koehler’s blog post – Seeking the Next Wave of Introverted Leaders
  • Darcy Eikenberg’s Red Cape Revolution video interview
  • Beth Buelow’s The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast
  • Brandon Smith Show interview – Insight for The Introverted Leader (video) (audio)
  • Craig Price’s Reality Check podcast (episode 249)
  • Julie Winkle Giulioni’s blog post
  • Steve Glaviski’s podcast on Future2
  • My article in HR Magazine – Have We Gone Too Far in Promoting Collaboration?
  • My interview with Becky Robinson of Weaving Influence on The Seven Myths of Book Marketing

Buying a book and writing a short Amazon review would also be so appreciated!




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