Introverted Leaders Are Great for Extroverts

Another answer from our quiz last month.

#2 Introverted leaders achieve high performance levels with extroverted employees. The Answer?  True

A study published in the Academy of Management and summarized here revealed that introverts make highly effective leaders, especially with extroverted employees. Why? Because they listen! One of the study’s authors, Professor Adam Grant of the Wharton Business School said, “Introverted leaders…..are more likely to listen carefully to suggestions and support employees’ efforts to be proactive.”

 I have found this in my own work with introverted bosses. Their patience, calm demeanor and thoughtful presence set the stage for the talkers in the crowd to think their ideas out loud.  Adam, a manager I coached told me that he gives his team a “think break” in the middle of meetings to give the extroverts a bit of down time to really consider their ideas. He says that winging it doesn’t always yield the best results and he sees great power in the pause. The result? More well crafted ideas.



2 thoughts on “Introverted Leaders Are Great for Extroverts

  1. Sam

    I’m an introvert and I know I could make a good leader, and boss, it’s just I feel it is so hard to move up the corporate ladder if your not in the social group. I also found this website that is for introvert tests in case anyone is interested. Introvert Tests Is it true that introverts have harder time moving up though? I know they can make great leaders, and my favorite bosses have been introverts!

    1. Jennifer Kahnweiler

      Hi Sam – Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right..they make incredible have the strengths already – it is a matter of tapping into them….I understand that you may feel excluded from the social group…try finding a guide, someone internally who can guide you on the way to succeed in your company…also try getting an opportunity to lead…volunteer for a committee or visible position…

      Interested if others have suggestions for Sam…Thanks also for the site recommendation….


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