How To Teach A Young Introvert


Many introverts I come across in my work ask how they can support their children and young introverts. They also want to know how they should advise teachers. I often refer them to work by author of Quiet, Susan Cain who has some definite ideas on the subject. As she shares in her TED talk,  Susan vividly remembers that as a child she was made to feel different in school and summer camp. And she wants to do something about that.  Susan is launching a new website soon that is called Quiet Revolution  which will address this issue and many others.

Her ideas appear in this article How To Teach A Young Introvert, She suggests allowing kids to have fewer friends at their birthday party and adding more quiet time to the school day.

I think many of these suggestions can be and already are being adapted to the workplace. Is it necessary to invite the whole floor to an introvert’s cutting of the cake? Do we constantly need to be meeting and hanging out?

We need to allow introverts to be who they are at work. Thankfully, that is a trend that is starting to see the light of day.


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