How CEO’s Can Use Quiet Influence To Get Results


I rediscovered an article I wrote last year on the introvert-as-leader theme for Chief Executive that highlights five key strengths used by introverted leaders. One of those featured is Doug Conant , Chairman of Avon and former President of Campbell Soup who runs a successful consulting company. Doug  uses quiet influence to establish trust with new team members. He told me that he doesn’t exclude personal information like his values, favorite books or quotes when meeting with employees.  In one thoughtful conversation he eliminates the guesswork about getting to know him and keeps himself accountable. Doug tells new hires, “If I behave consistently with this, then I guess you can trust me. If I don’t,  I guess you can’t, but at least you will know.” Doug is a transparent straight shooter.

Read more here about the strategies we can learn from  other successful CEO’s who are introverts.


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