Getting a grasp on social media


I attended a panel discussion last week sponsored by a dynamic company called Newscertified Exchange. The program was called Influencing the Headlines: Empowering Women For Global Media. While I didn’t learn a great deal of new information, it was heartening to walk away with some validating thoughts: 1)We are all on this journey together and everyone feels overwhelmed to a certain extent. 2) NO ONE  is the expert in social media and we each have our preferences and sweet spots. 3)I also was reminded of the importance of knowing your purpose and having a strategy before you post everywhere. I still hear from many introverts that they appreciate the chance to reflect and consider their message before “speaking” on line.

Our hosts were kind enough to gather some of the key points from the program. Let me pass them on to you:

    • Do a personal inventory to find your voice. Start with what you have and what is in your heart. What do you love to talk about? What do you have in your life?


    • To be heard, stand out. Create your own media opportunities. It starts with clearly defining what you want to be known for. What makes you an expert?


    • Start your own trend. Trust is shifting from outlets to individuals. What do you know that is not being reported? What value can you add to the conversation?


    • Building relationships with the media is another form of networking. Network with purpose, connecting with a diverse group of people to maximize opportunity.


    • Use social media to build your brand, even though it can be overwhelming. Accept that it can be overwhelming and engage to the extent that you are comfortable doing so. Choose the platforms that work for you.


  • Think of Twitter as a cocktail party. Social media is all about conversations, communities, and relationships. If you’re just starting out, get a social media mentor to help.



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