Genius Introverts and Extroverts = Success


Work with or live with an introvert? What about an extrovert? Why should you stop fighting your differences and join forces? And what are 5 ways you can handle the inevitable conflicts that arise when you mix oil and water together?

Francis Crick, the scientist said, that “the death knell to real collaboration is politeness.” With his partner James Watson he discovered DNA. They are but one example of the genius and success that can emerge and have long-lasting results when opposites put aside their differences and focus on results. We are talking about exponential results, not just additive.

Take a look at this piece I wrote for Success magazine making the case for why we should join forces as well as a follow-up article for that same publication called 5 Tips to Handle Conflict With Your Opposite. 

It is worth putting those differences aside to achieve success. The sky is the limit when that happens.




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