Extroverts: 13 Mindful Tips To Make An Introvert Feel Loved


How do we extroverts flex to the needs of our introverted teammates, friends and family members.  Maybe you were able to try these with your introverts over the holidays. Or not. Start 2016 off right and try one or two of these tips. Notice what different response you get from the introverts in your life. You may be surprised.

As usual, my partner Buzzfeed  gets it right through humorous images. I was pleased to be able to contribute a number of these tips to the reporter Alison Caporimo.

So extroverts, start the year off right, take a look (or more likely scan) these and let us know how it goes!

13 Mindful Tips to Make an Introvert Feel Loved.

1. After an introvert stops talking, wait 3 seconds before you chime in.

2. During an important talk, paraphrase some of their ideas to show that you’re listening.

3. Try to be more comfortable with silence.

4. Say “I’m just thinking out loud here…” if you like to talk out your ideas.

5. Text them to figure out plans.

The 8 other mindful tips and the 13 memes are here.   Enjoy!


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