Exceptional Speaker Shares Secrets


I had the pleasure of interviewing my colleague, Alan Stevens about his latest book co-written with Paul DuToit,  The Exceptional Speaker.  It is a practical, treasure trove of speaking tips for presenters of all levels.  Alan is an expert on building and protecting your reputation. He is also an international speaker, author, MC and media commentator. His clients include high-profile individuals and companies such as Virgin, BP, The Dorchester, Sony Ericsson, BMW and Mumm Champagne. Contact Alan at alan@mediacoach.co.uk  or visit his site at www.mediacoach.co.uk

Listen to our interview and learn why:

*You shouldn’t tell jokes

*Why you much prepare “well, alert and long.”

*Almost anyone can raise their game

*What British CEO is tongue tied off the stage?

And finally, the preview to his three tips to combat anxiety:

Practice and Rehearse, Slow Down and Enjoy the Experience!

Hope you enjoy and learn from the interview as much as I did conducting it.




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