Every Introvert Should Read This


I learned about Refinery29 from my daughter Jessie Kahnweiler who is collaborating with them on her new web series The Skinny. This growing platform gets over 25 million hits/month on their vibrant lifestyle website. I was happy to contribute to a practical piece called Every Introvert Should Read This.  Maybe I have finally reached close to hipness by being covered here?:)

The reporter Sulagna Misra wanted some actionable steps I could share when introverts are faced with meetings, social gatherings and during workplace conflicts. What is an introvert to do?

Someone said “I don’t always have advice but I always have opinions.” Here are some sample opinions and possibly advice:)

On conflict: “If you’re not having conflict, you’re not talking about what’s real.”

On conversations: “She (that’s me) recommends having a list of topics to discuss, whether you’re sharing info (a new app you like) or asking for advice (where to go on a trip). It might seem odd to prep for such mundane conversations, but it can be super helpful. ”

On getting a raise :” She (me again) recommends thinking about numbers you can bring in, since bosses love results.”

Read more here.   I hope you find it helpful.


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