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Working from the office – sometimes needed?

Watercooler and stop and chat dialogues will likely lead to more innovation and collaboration. Hopefully this is not an all or nothing solution and that workers can still build some flexibility into their schedules.

Lincoln The Introverted Leader

Bear in mind that deep knowledge and communication skill need not be mutually exclusive. You really don’t have to choose one or the other. Put another way, it’s important to be able to tell what you know, but it is equally important to know what you tell.

A Nobel Prize Laureate Talks Art

He wove in art, poetry, and even sports to demonstrate the connections in all of life. Sir Harold told us that he never set out to win a Nobel Prize and seemed slightly bemused in describing this accomplishment. It was obvious in his description of his many projects that he loves life and squeezes it like a sponge.

Introverted Leaders Are Great for Extroverts

Another answer from our quiz last month. #2 Introverted leaders achieve high performance levels with extroverted employees. The Answer?  True A study published in the Academy of Management and summarized…

Acting “As If” – The Introvert’s Key to Success in Public Speaking

Being introverted does not mean you can’t also be a phenomenal speaker. Introverts often use their natural strength of preparation to sound smooth and clear in their message. And just like an actor that goes into character they often perform brilliantly in their roles. In fact, a large majority of actors and comedians are actually introverted in temperament. They rehearse and then step into character.

Focused Conversation vs. Small Talk

A focused conversation is not the same as the chit chat that can drive you up the wall and out the door. Instead, these are dialogues with a specific point in which you combine listening and purposeful talking. Focused conversation helps you to truly share your ideas with others and learn about what they believe and feel.

Test Your Introvert Knowledge

Recently, I ran these questions by a class and they did pretty well. How about you? I will be addressing each of them in upcoming blog posts.

Answer True or False and check your answers against the responses below.

1. Introverts prefer focused conversation to small talk.

Introvert Bias During a Hot Political time

The image of introverts in politics is still so off base. Take views of Obama for example. He is a known introvert. His lower key temperament, passion for privacy, preference for focused conversation and considered comments all support this personality preference.