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Bias Againist Introverts

I met a very extroverted guy on line waiting at my local coffee shop. We started making conversation and the discussion moved to my fave topic  – introverts and extroverts in the workplace   Turns out he was a frustrated sales manager. ” I try to talk to these Tech (GA) grads, who are all Engineers and they just stare at me. They hide out and don’t talk. One of our introverted bosses just stands at my cube and will never take a seat. He has one foot out the door…..what is with these people!? “

This “introvert bias” is all too common. The extrovert’s frustration is real but how about getting rid of the judgment first? My next entry will address some tips for the extrovert to better connect with introverts. But the first task is to get rid of that pointing finger, don’t you think?

Try “Brainwriting” for a change

Want to get both the introverts and extroverts in the room to contribute thoughtful responses? Try taking a break from talking out ideas and switch to writing them down. The ideas you circulate will build on eachother.Everytime I have been involved in this activity I am amazed at the richness of the cumulative responses. 

 See this description, let me know if you have tried this and how it has gone.

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

My early adopter friends have been using Twitter for a while and I know I will be moving into the fray soon. Have started to hear about some valuable connections, job opportunities and “inside scoops” on companies.

Do you think extroverts and introverts differ in how(and even if) they are twittering? Extroverts tend to like to share details of their life(ex. waiting on the carpool line at school, etc. ) and like to connect with LOTS of people. With their more private nature and their preference for writing, are  introverts a) twittering and b)sharing different kinds of (less personal information to fewer, more select contacts).  Your thoughts?

I love the analogy to the wild west with this whole social networking phenom…Some people ventured out west and never made it..others did the same and ended up owning half of Colorado. We are all pioneers in this new age and it is both exciting and frustrating for extroverts and introverts alike.

Do We Have To Talk Out Everything?

Two introverted participants in a recent communications seminar told me how frustrated they both were. What about? It turns out their company wants them to “talk out” project ideas to a variety of people outside their internal group. This is the new expectation in their culture – that   they float ideas in the early stages. These introverted leaders are concerned that this reluctance to carefully think through ideas before sending them half baked into the “corporate universe”results in lower quality output.

Yet they know that they will have to get with the program and are trying to figure out how to create a healthy balance between thinking and talking..a common organizational challenge for introverts.
 Taking time to pause so that we can carefully consider proposals(even sleep on it?) makes total sense. It is hard to do when the  message is “Talk to us, talk to us!”

Are You On A News Diet ?

I know more people are taking in less news. They say that it is simply too depressing, too toxic and generally “a downer” in this economy.  I am a news junkie and I still like to stay on top of events.  

But I have found that it has helped to cut back. For me it is the morning routine that has changed. For now, the radio is off. This was hard in the beginningl(extroverts like noise) but I have come to enjoy the peaceful side of morning. There is plenty of time to get my fix of news throughout the rest of the day. Are you scaling back your intake? How?