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Take It In or Talk It Out?

 I recently attended the show Harmony, a musical playing at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta. I went  to this engaging show about a singing group in pre-WW II Germany…

Busting up the mythology

I am pleased that the door to introversion has swung wide open. Yet despite the rise of the introverts many misconceptions linger.  Some writers like  Margarita Tartakovsky, an eager…

Do Extroverts Pay More Attention to Faces?

“They (Introverts) just didn’t place a larger weight on social stimuli than they did on any other stimuli, of which flowers are one example,” said.

“[This] supports the claim that introverts, or their brains, might be indifferent to people — they can take them or leave them, so to speak. The introvert’s brain treats interactions with people the same way it treats encounters with other, non-human information, such as inanimate objects for example,” Inna Fishman said.
They concluded that, “The results strongly suggest that human faces, or people in general, hold more significance for extroverts, or are more meaningful for them.”

The Reporter as Introvert

Taylor Mallory, Editor of The Little PINK Book said, “My extroverted manager couldn’t understand why I didn’t seem excited or enthusiastic about ideas that had her out of her chair. But I smiled and, after I thought about it for a moment, said,” I love that” in an elevated pitch. I felt excited, but more so, I was busy thinking about the idea, analyzing how to make it work, how to make it better, where it might cause trouble, what pitfalls we might run into – before I responded. I was in my head for a minute. But having interviewed a million career experts, I know how important showing enthusiasm is. I just didn’t realize mine wasn’t coming across.”

Introverts Quietly Can Make An Impact

Introverts quietly can make big impact
By Laura Raines
For the AJC
Sunday, June 21, 2009
At age 12, Bob Goodyear, now a technical product manager for global software and services corporation Symantec, had to research careers and write a report about one he’d like to do.

He skimmed past booklets on doctors and lawyers to find one on computer programmers. He was excited to find a career where he didn’t have to work with people.

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Leita Cowart/AJC Special
Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of ‘The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength’, says introversion can be managed.
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Introverts quietly can make big impact
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“I could work with something that didn’t talk back,” he said. “Do you think that was a clue that I’m an introvert?”

If not, his reaction to the college curriculum for computer science should have been. He had no problem with the calculus and physics. The public speaking course terrified him. In time, Goodyear made the transition from programming to a high-profile product management position where he presents at conferences a