“Camp Workplace Learning – Saturday, 8/22/09 8:00 a.m.


Attended a board meeting for the Workplace Learning Society of TAG (Technology Association of GA). Very excited about our upcoming “Unconference.” An innovative concept and in my opinion, a harbinger of things to come in conference and training delivery. A bottoms up approach.

By the way, I had an interesting dialogue with Les Adkins of Social Media Solutions about social networking serving as a common language for introverts and extroverts. Les also said that he thinks introverts are being heard more now that everyone is using these platforms.

I wonder if many introverts will respond well to this event, one that uses social networking as the way to set the stage.

“Please join us on Saturday, August 22, 2009 for CAMP Workplace Learning – A Face-2-Face version of Social Networking!

Instead of pre-arranged presentations, panel speakers and sessions on certain topics, you set the agenda. Un-Conference attendees will suggest, vote-on and facilitate all sessions. The topics will focus on Using Technology in Workforce Learning, but can include a broad range of sub-topics.

How it will work

Prior to the Un-Conference: Vote online for on your hottest topics. Suggest topics you want to learn about, and/or facilitate! See below on how to submit & vote.
At the Un-Conference: Topics with most votes will take place. Attend ones you wish. Be a facilitator ? there could be multiple facilitators in any topic / session. Up to 21 sessions will be held.
Register Today!https://s08.123signup.com/servlet/SignUp?PG=1521974182300&P=1521974191158137700&Info=


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