Another Introvert Lesson: Technology and Talk


One of the many lessons I have learned from introverted leaders is that they use technology but never rely on keystrokes alone. In order to really connect with people they talk to each other.  I have learned that for introverts and extroverts connecting is about leveraging technology AND talk.

Here are three recent snapshots that brought the importance of technology AND talk home for me.

1) First Steps Wednesday night my granddaughter took her first steps. She was delighted with the wonder of her newfound independence. Adam, her Dad rushed home from work to record this special moment and immediately sent it out to the family.

Over the next 24 hours, our granddaughter’s NY, LA, Chicago and Atlanta family joined in shared laugher as we reviewed the tape and special moment with each other. Talking across the miles somehow made this milestone more meaningful.

Note that the video link is available by request:)

2) Queen For A Day My publisher, Berrett-Koehler (BK) invites each of its current book authors to its Oakland, CA headquarters for an “Author Day.” Why? It allows the entire BK team from production to foreign rights to sales to talk with the author and get pumped about selling the book. I jokingly call this “Queen For A Day” as you are the center of attention.

I was barely off the elevator when Sales and Marketing VP Kristen Frantz and others surprised me with a wand and crown to wear during my one-day reign!

Note that there are literally hundreds of emails that transpire during the process of publishing a book. But it was the “Queen for A Day” experience  where the connections solidified. We hashed out challenges, planned for The Genius of Opposites book launch and did our share of laughing.

Another introvert lesson: technology and talk

Jamie Showkeir Rockin’ At Home

3) Keep Jamie at Home A group of five friends joined together to support our fellow author and friend Jamie Showkeir,  who was diagnosed with ALS this past summer. We launched a crowd funding campaign called Keep Jamie at Home as a way to tackle our helplessness and so that Jamie and his wife Maren could obtain the costly in home care that is needed.

The results were astounding. Many of you all helped us surpass the goal of $60,000 within one week and today the figure stands at $66,575! Thanks to ALL of you who made a difference and shared so selflessly. Note: You still can still donate to make sure that Maren and Jamie can continue to get the help they need. Also read Maren’s moving and informative entries about the Showkeir’s situation on And do check out Jamie and Maren’s terrific books Authentic Conversations and Yoga Wisdom at Work. 

Technology came into play through emails and phone calls in the planning and execution phases of the project. We also took advantage of the advances in crowd funding technology. And afterwards we celebrated this marvelous outcome with a virtual photo of a champagne glass and multiple exclamation emails. Then we reached out to each other in a group call and agreed that out of the bad can come some good. Through our grief we had become closer friends.

Technology and talk did their magic once again. Just enough technology to share data effortlessly and just enough talk to express what was in our hearts.


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