13 Mindful Ways to Make An Introvert Feel Loved


BuzzFeed Senior Lifestyle Editor Alison Caporimo reached out to me on a lazy vacation day last week and said she was creating a tips list about how to bring out the best in introverts. Could I help?

Alison had done her research on the topic and did what great reporters do..she didn’t fire questions at me but engaged me in a stimulating conversation. She shared her experiences with friends and I drew themes from my book Quiet Influence and from my coaching with introverts.

The result? A practical post called 13 Mindful Ways to Make An Introvert Feel Loved with plenty of fun graphics. The post has already received hundreds of thousands of views….

Alison also reached out to my friend Sophia Dembling, author of the great books The Introvert’s Way and new Introverts In Love  which is debuting tomorrow(1/6).

I think we all want to learn better ways of connecting with the introverts in our lives. Would you add any suggestions  to these ideas? 



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