Anne-Katrin Bauss, Senior Director Global Talent & Change Management, Allnex

Jennifer is an amazing global leadership speaker, a true “champion for introverts”, combining vast scientific knowledge with personal stories and experiences that help dive into the world of introverts and understand how to create a workplace where introverts can shine (and certainly extroverts, too!). Besides of this, she is wonderful person to work with, full of passion, energy, agility and inspiration. Jennifer provided an outstanding 1.5 hour webcast on “The introverted leader” to our global senior leadership today. My inbox is full of “wows” (that I will send over to you, Jennifer, shortly). Jennifer manages to win people´s attention from Minute 1. I can only recommend to work with Jennifer, also make sure to check out her bestselling books, e.g. The Introverted Leader, Quiet Influence, The Genius of Opposites, and Creating An Introvert-Friendly Workplace. We will definitely look into further areas for collaboration. If your company is truly cultivating diversity and inclusion like we do at Allnex, make sure to connect with Jennifer. You will be thrilled.

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