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Introverted Leader piece lives on

Things are supposed to live on the web forever. However, I had a recent surprise when my astute friend and PR whiz Patti Danos noticed that my 2009 Forbes piece  “Why Introverts Make the Best Leaders”  disappeared from their site. Alas…turns out they were doing some house/site cleaning. Whew.. After some queries we are back in business. I think it stands the test of time but tell me what you think. Do we view introverted leaders any differently now that introverts have grabbed major buzz???? Do you think these qualities apply to Introverted Leaders in 2013?


Introverted Leader Featured In Forbes.com

Bob Goodyear, one of the many terrific professionals featured in The Introverted Leader: Building On Your Quiet Strength just made the lead to a story on Forbes.com about “saying hi” Some excerpts:

 “I was always fine making a presentation in front of a crowd, but when I tried to mingle afterward, it felt like someone was sticking their hand down into my stomach and tying it in a knot,” says Goodyear, 53.

Note: Bob and I discussed his upcoming trip to Australia and some techniques he could use.  He pushed himself and had great results. Here is another excerpt from the article. 

“Last September, on a business trip toAustralia, Goodyear decided to get over his fear of making the first move. “I knew there would be a social function after my speech, and I was nervous about mingling in a room full of people I’d never met,” says Goodyear.

Rather than panicking, Goodyear got busy preparing. “I researched all the companies that would be represented at this event so that when I saw the company names on the guest’s name tags, I had a piece of information about their firm to use as a conversation starter,” he says…” 

Read more! : http://www.forbes.com/2009/05/21/social-anxiety-networking-entrepreneurs-sales-marketing-networking.html