The Genius of Opposites: Creating Strong Introvert-Extrovert Teams

This high impact, full day workshop blends presentation and high engagement to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
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Who are the Genius Opposites?
You will learn about the characteristics of Genius Opposites and the common characteristics of “Genius” partnerships. Hear about examples and cases of successful opposites and learn how things can go off the rails.

How Genius Opposites Succeed
We will do a deep dive through the Genius of Opposites process. Learn to apply the five essential steps necessary for success in an easy to remember ABCDE model: Accept the Alien, Bring on the Battles, Cast the Character, Destroy the Dislike, and Each Can’t Offer Everything. Case studies, demos, videos and role plays will be conducted to give you a chance to try these tools.

Learning Into Action
You will apply the Genius of Opposites process to a current partnership situation with an opposite. You will create an action plan in the class to enhance your results. (Note: Partners do not have to be present.)

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