A Shout Out To Genius Bloggers


l have been involved in four book launches over the last ten years.   Though the tactics and strategies have changed dramatically the basic success strategy remains the same: Gather fans; people who believe in your work and want to spread the word to their communities.  Be willing to invest time and money and know that you can’t do it alone.

Back in 2005 when co-author and husband Bill and I launched Shaping Your HR Role  we asked friends and colleagues to share the book, wrote articles and spoke at a few HR and training conferences here and abroad.

In 2009 when The Introverted Leader came out, I had become a bit more savvy and focused on getting press to cover the book. Print media still had a prominent role and it was about pitching an intriguing angle to reporters and building relationships with them. Social media was just getting its sea legs so that wasn’t much of a factor in promotion. It was fans who shared the book (called “pass along sales) and it was fans that made the book take off. It also helped that introversion was a topic that had not had much airtime.

In 2013, with Quiet Influence,  social media was now a key player on the scene as well as “The Rise of the Introvert” so I focused on engaging with friends and prospective fans to spread the word.

Which brings us up to today. In 2015,  with the arrival of my latest book, The Genius of Opposites, the press has been great. I am thrilled that the topic is resonating with such media outlets as BBC.com, and The Morning Show in Australia .

In addition to great press, a  major driver of attention to the book has been has been the “B” word…Bloggers. They are why the book has been the #1 bestseller category in Conflict and Mediation on Amazon.

Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes (not literally) and are sharing their unique perspectives on how genius opposites can make it work. They also are going to back to some of my old posts and commenting on them. Readers are  continuing those  conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. We even have some cool photos appearing on Instagram.  The options to reach and engage a broader community has multiplied by millions.

I would like to list all the bloggers here and offer a big THANK YOU! Apologies if somehow I missed you (Please let me know and we will rectify that!).

I hope you will check these terrific blogs out, comment and share your ideas.

And a huge thank you to you Genius bloggers. You truly rock!

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