Webinars and Short Workshops

Partner with Jennifer to offer a webinar with your organization. These are 60 – 90 minute sessions with engaging visuals, interactive activities and plenty of action steps. Your company will host the webinar and we will provide the delivery and content.

The following modules from the full day workshops are available for webinars or short workshops:
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Networking is essential to building a career and obtaining resources. Learn how to create confidence and competence in networking by preparing offers and needs, asking provocative questions and practicing “substance talk.” Many practical techniques that are relevant for networking at your organization will be reviewed and practiced.

Coaching On the Fly
Introverted leaders excel in focused conversations and listening. You will build on this talent by coaching peers, direct reports and team members towards higher performance. You will learn and practice a structured coaching process called GROW that empowers people to find their own solutions.

Succeeding as an Introverted Woman
Introverted women are continually asked to adapt to an often extrovert-centric, male-dominated workplace that rewards being out there and on stage. You will learn to tap into your natural strengths to make a unique difference. We will cover 5 steps you can take today such as taking quiet time and handling interruptions in meetings.