Playing Well Together: Bringing Out the Best in Introverts and Extroverts

Are you an introvert who wants to learn the keys to workplace success? Do you lead or work with introverts and need strategies on how to leverage their strengths? This class focuses on the strategies introverted leaders use to build on their strengths, not change who they are. You will also learn practical approaches for working with your opposite (Introvert or Extrovert) so that you both can achieve more impactful results than you would alone. The class is “introvert-friendly” and includes a balance of small group discussion, skill practice and quiet reflection.


Still Waters Run Deep – How Introverted Leaders Use Their Strengths to Succeed
Through examples and interaction you will deepen your understanding of introverted leaders. Who are well known examples? What do the statistics reveal about introverted leaders? What are their key characteristics and strengths? What are the challenges they face in today’s organizations?

The 4 P’s
This leadership roadmap is based on our research with successful introverted leaders. You will learn to apply the 4 P’s (Preparation, Presence, Push and Practice) to leverage your leadership strengths.

A Deeper Dive: Applying the 4 P’s to Two Leadership Scenarios.
We take the 4 P’s and look at how to apply them through analysis of a leadership case study. Through demos and practice, you will learn how to apply the 4 P’s to successful networking.

Who are the Genius Opposites?
You will learn about the characteristics of Genius Opposites and the common characteristics of “Genius” partnerships. Hear about examples and cases of successful opposites and learn how things can go off the rails.

How Genius Opposites Succeed: The Genius of Opposites Process
Take a baseline quiz to determine the opportunities to improve your relationships with opposites. Learn the five essential steps necessary for success in an easy to remember ABCDE model: Accept the Alien, Bring on the Battles, Cast the Character, Destroy the Dislike, and Each Can’t Offer Everything.

A Deeper Dive: Bring on the Battles and Destroy the Dislike
We will do a deep dive through the Bring on the Battles and Destroy the Dislike steps of the Genius of Opposites process. Case studies, demos, videos and role plays will be conducted to give you a chance to try these tools.

Learning Into Action
You will apply the 5 steps of the Genius of Opposites process to create a team work scenario (ex. meeting) that adapts to the needs of introverts and extroverts. You will create an action plan in the class to enhance your results. (Note: Partners do not have to be present.)

Take the Introverted Leader Quiz:
How much do you know about introverted leaders?


Take the Genius of Opposites Quiz:
What do you have in common with highly effective opposites?