Introverts and extroverts in government collaborate

share_17 (1)John, an introvert, and Quinn, an extrovert, were training managers at a regional government agency. The employees in their office needed help with creating viable learning plans. Unfortunately, John and Quinn were overwhelmed with requests for coaching and needed to come up with a solution to serve their all employees.

I have worked with a number of introverts and extroverts in government and have drawn many lessons from my time spent with these public servants.

I wrote this guest blog post for the Careers In Government website and highlighted a case where these opposites worked through their differences to create a successful career center.

Can you think of a situation where you and an opposite worked through your differences to reach a strong outcome? Most likely you followed one of the steps in the Genius of Opposites Process which you can download here and keep handy for future opportunities to work with your opposite. The free Genius of Opposites quiz will also provide you with some next steps to consider. Finally, download a free sample chapter  of The Genius of Opposites.